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Shank Adapters

Product Details

Shank Adapter

Shank adapterconnects a drill rod of one diameter to a hydraulic rock drill of another, transitingrotation torque, feed force, impact energy and flushing medium to the drillstring.


Our shank adaptersare manufactured from specially selected alloy steels by heattreatment through carburizing which withstands the high impact power ofdrilling.


Thread size:

R25, R28, SSR28,R32, SSR32, R35, SSR35, R38, T38, T45, T51, SST58, SST68, SGT60.


Rock drill brand:

Atlas-Copco, Furukawa,Ingersoll-Rand, Montabert, Soonsan, Everdigm, Tamrock and others.


We are supplyingthe following shank adapters models:


Atlas Copco COP125/130/131

Atlas Copco BBE57

Atlas Copco COP1036/1038/1238

Atlas Copco COP2160 Extractor

Atlas Copco COP1440/1550/1638/1838/2238

Atlas Copco COP1850

Sandvik/Tamrock HL438/538

Sandvik/Tamrock HL300

Sandvik/Tamrock HL300S

Sandvik/TamrockHL600, HL600S

Sandvik/Tamrock HL700, HL800

Sandvik/Tamrock HL1500

Sandvik/Tamrock HL500, HL500S, HL 550S, HL 560S

Sandvik/Tamrock HL1500

Ingersoll RandYH65/70

Ingersoll RandYH95/YH100

Ingersoll RandVL120/VL140

Ingersoll RandVL130

Ingersoll RandYH45/YH50/YH55

Montabert and SIGHC80/HC120

Montabert and SIGHC80R/HC120R/HC150R

Boart LongyearBoart HD155

Furukawa HD 90

Furukawa HD 300

Furukawa HD 612

Furukawa HD 609

Furukawa HD 615

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