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Thread drill bit

Product Details

Thread drill bit


Threaded drillbits are widely used for mining, quarrying, construction tunneling and so on. We produce all threaded drill bits by hot press insert technology.


We can produce allproducts in the following specifications:

Type of thread bit:

Corss bit, Buttonbit, X bit, Reaming bit button bit

Thread size:

R25, R28,SSR28, R32, SSR32, R35, SSR35, R38, T38, T45, T51, SST58, SST68,SGT60



Bit diameter:

28mm to 154mm


TC(tungstencarbide) type:

Hemisphere,Parabolic, Ballistic, Conical

Hemisphercal buttons  Parabolic buttons   Conical buttons Ballistic buttons 

Unversal buttons for all

rock formations. Best suited

to hardest and very abrasive

rock formations. 

 Excellent penetration rate,

but only suited to medium

hard and not so very

abrasice rock formations.

For soft to medium rock

hardness, more aggressive

with faster penetration rates. 

 Similar to parabolic buttons,

used for soft to medium

hard and not so abrasive

rock formations, excellent

in penetration tate.


Face type:

Flat face,concave, convex


Flat face

For drilling in medium to hard abrasive rock 


Drop Center

For drilling in medium to hard maximum hole

deviation control 

Body type:

Normal body andretrac body type


Normal skirt

For drilling in very hard and very abrasive rock

formation which is compact.


Retrac skirt

For drilling in loose, broken or fissured rock where

it is diffecult to retrac the drill string due to the hole



We select highquality carbide and alloy as raw materials to ensure good working performanceand stable quality.

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