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Ame Drill Supply & Services Inc. (Ame Drill), located in Moncton, New Brunswick, is your long term partner for providing you quality, drilling consumables at a competitive price.

Ame Drill can offer you a complete assortment of drilling consumables, including top hammer drilling tools, DTH (Down the Hole) drilling tools, Self Drilling Anchor (SDA/IBO), rotary drilling tools, as well as PDC bits, drag bits/blade bits. 

Our commitment to our customers is that we produce only quality consumables with a competitive pricing.

With our distributors, located throughout North America, we will ensure that there is sufficient inventory locally to supply the demand of our customers.

Ame Drill will establish a network of distributors to properly serve the drilling industry and offer it the support needs with local presence no matter where you're drilling in North America.

Ame Drill is committed to being a dependable services provider for the drilling industry.