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Chevron Drag Bits

Product Details

Chevron drag bit

Drag bit designedfor use in soft formations such as sand, clay or some types of soft rock. Dragbits can be either solid or welded construction. However, they will not workwell in coarse gravel or hard rock formations. Uses include drilling waterwells, mining, geothermal, environmental and exploration drilling.


Chevron drag bitsare one piece construction of alloy steel cast with tungsten carbide cuttingtips and gauge sides to ensure longer life. Chevron-Type drag bits arerecommended for drilling in slightly harder and more consolidated materialsthan step-type drag bits such as hard shales, limestone, and tougher gravels.


Chevron drag bit wings:

Three wingschevron drag bit, Four wings chevron drag bit;


Drag bits diameter:

76mm to 445mm;


Drag bits thread sizes:

 2 3/8” API Reg, 3 1/2” API Reg, 4 1/2” APIReg, 6 5/8” API Reg, etc;

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