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Reverse Circulation (RC) hammer

Product Details

Reverse Circulation (RC) hammer

Reversecirculation down-the-hole (RC-DTH) air hammers have been widely used inconstruction and mining activities owing to their high drilling efficiency andgood dust control performance.

We provide WRE054/ WPR54R Reveres Circulation (RC) hammers. The RC hammer is used to collectunderground rock and mineral samples quickly and efficiently using a pneumaticrotary drill. This hammer offers high speed and low cost per meter drilling.This type of drilling is considered ideal for obtaining mineral samples in theearly phases of an exploration project. As all the rock cutting in an RC hammerare recovered at the surface through the centre of the hammer and drill string,the samples collected through this method are uncontaminated. This hammer hasalso been designed to handle injection of water, foam, oil and polymers withoutany performance loss.


Hammer size: 3.5inch to 10 inch

Working Pressure:15 bar to 35 bar

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