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The benefits of RC Drilling Tools


RC drilling has clear advantages over other top hammer drilling methods.

Achieves greater penetration in hard rock than air core drilling, thanks to the percussive force and the strength of the RC drill bit.

Provides greater sample accuracy, and cuttings are easy to catalogue. The collected samples have an exact location and depth where they were acquired, making it easier to more precisely locate mineral deposits.

Ideal for harsh environments. RC drilling uses approximately 40% less water than diamond drilling, making it a better option for remote area drilling.

Reduced risk of cross-contamination. As the cuttings travel through the drill bit’s inner tube and aren’t introduced to other areas of the drill hole, the samples remain uncontaminated.
Faster and more efficient, reducing costs and providing greater returns. achieves higher production rates and can achieve up to 200/300 metres per day. This means that results can be delivered to clients faster, as the drilling itself takes less time. The speed and efficiency involved also reduces manhours on the drill rig, meaning savings on overall staff hours. Thanks to the power and efficiency of the equipment, RC drilling is more resilient in harsh environments, which makes it a cheaper option overall. In fact, RC drilling has been shown to reduce costs by 25-40%.

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