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Casing Shoe

Product Details

The casing shoe is threaded to the end of casing string for penetration through the overburden situation, which in seating casing into the bedrock, providing a tight seal for the drilling fluids to flow through to the surface. It also is used to ream the casing downward when advancing a casing string in an existing hole with rod string still in place.

The inside diameter of casing shoe is not set with diamond and is flushing with the inside diameter of casing, permitting the free passage of the core barrel pass the casing shoe.

We can supply, but not limited to following size of casing shoe:
WL series casing shoe: SWL, PWL, HWL NWL, BWL;
W series casing shoe: SW, PW, HW, NW, BW, AW, EW; ZW;
X series casing shoe: PX, HX, NX, BX;
Metric size casing shoe: 76mm, 86mm, 101mm, 116mm.

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